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Having graduated from the Colombo medical school in Sri Lanka many years ago, I have had an incredibly rewarding career as a doctor in various parts of the world – as a paediatric surgeon in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong, as a family physician and Monash university professor in Australia and as an army medical officer in both Sri Lanka and Australia.

Over the years I have worked with some amazing people – teachers, patients and colleagues.

I have witnessed much, travelled (including pilgrimages on the Camino de Santiago and to the Henro Michi in Shikoku) and learned a lot – and now I have memories that I can look back on with pleasure while being thankful for  what I have experienced.

In the words of Ulysses ” All times I have enjoy’d greatly   — much have I seen and known   –  and I  am a part of all that I have met”    

During my years of working as a doctor I have also enjoyed writing – articles on health and other topics as well as short stories and travel narratives.

This webpage gives me an opportunity to publish my writing. It consists of the following pages on which I will regularly post new articles, aiming (at least during the period of Coronavirus lockdown) for one short story each weekend and one health article mid-week.

  1. Short Stories
  2. Article about Health Matters 
  3. Articles about Pilgrimages and Travel
  4. My monthly articles “Twilight Reminiscences” reproduced from the Sunday Times

I hope visitors will come here, read what I have written – and enjoy the experience!

Thank you for visiting!



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