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Health Articles

Here is a list of my articles about Health and related subjects that are available on this webpage.

New articles will be added weekly.

  1. Dealing with Grief
  2. Changing View of Cancer
  3. A Lucky Heart Attack
  4. The Unpredictability of Life
  5. Warning Signs of Heart Attack
  6. Medication – or Meditation 
  7.  Surviving COVID_19 
  8.  Keeping Fit during COVID (Taking the gym home)
  9. Happiness and Heart Disease
  10. Somatisation and Depression
  11. The Fear of Heart Attacks
  12. Alzheimer’s Disease
  13. Dangers of Diabetes
  14. To Mask – or Not to Mask?
  15. Health Benefits of Walking the Camino
  16. Don’t Stop Walking
  17. Staying Sane in the Covid era
  18. Covid-19: Blip or Turning Point?
  19. Why Wear Masks?
  20. A Vaccine for COVID?
  21. Ninety nine point nine per cent recover from Covid…..
  22. Vaccines won’t end the COVID pandemic
  23. Wives are Very Useful People
  24. COVID vaccination – the facts explained


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