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My Books and e-Books

Following is a list of my books available for sale:

  1. Not Our War

    Published Book available for sale direct from author Dr Sanjiva Wijesinha. Email me

    Paperback edition of ‘Not Our War’ (packing and postage to any address within Australia)


not our war

E-book available from

My first book of short stories – many of which have been awarded prizes in short story competitions – collected in an anthology for the first time.


Drawing on the knowledge and experience gained during a long and varied career as an army medical officer, a paediatric surgeon and a family physician who has worked in various parts of the world, Sanjiva Wijesinha has crafted a series of short stories that are suffused with romance, drama and humour – and often carry a twist in the tail.
A superbly written and engaging collection set in places ranging from Sri Lanka during the war against the Tamil Tigers to the Falkland Islands in the nineteen eighties, Wijesinha’s book is in the same league as George Sava’s Surgery Holds the Door and Arthur Conan Doyle’s Round the Red Lamp.

2. Strangers on the Camino

Published Book available for sale direct from author Dr Sanjiva Wijesinha. Email

Paperback edition (packing and postage included) to any address within Australia


e-Book  available from 

Cover for eBook.jpg

3. Tales from my Island by Sanjiva Wijesinha

-available online as a Kindle e-Book from Amazon

A collection of essays and short stories from my childhood in Sri lanka


4. Men’s Health Matters (E-Book available on Kindle from Amazon)

From preventive health matters like Managing diabetes and Reducing the risk of a heart attack to embarrassing topics like Premature Ejaculation and How to use medications like Viagra, this book explains matters of Men’s Health in easy to understand language devoid of medical jargon. Ideal for the man (and woman) who wants to know about matters of male health.

5. Live Happily Ever After – Health articles

 Live Happily Ever After by Sanjiva Wijesinha
Popular Prakashan, Mumbai India
112 Pages 10 Illustra­tions
PBISBN : 81-7154-795-8
Year Of Publication : 1995
Price : (PB) US$ 10

available from DK Publishers Distributors  (India) and Popular Prakashan (India)

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Book: Tales From my Island