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Embracing Change

mobile phonesI have a confession to make today.

I have finally decided, as late in life as it is, to get myself a mobile phone.

For many years I have stubbornly resisted the idea of getting one of these – despite the fact that today, almost everybody who is anybody, from schoolchildren to three wheeler drivers, has a “cell phone”. My brother has a cell phone on which he receives – and responds immediately to – emails, my friend John Murtagh has one with a most unusual ring tone, and my son has one which he even uses to photograph articles that he has read so he can instantly forward these for me to read on my computer.

In this day and age, having a mobile phone that allows one to instantly contact people and be instantly contactable has become a necessity rather than a luxury – and part of life in the 21st century. When folk who need to contact me ask for my mobile phone number and I tell them that I do not possess one, the look of incredulity on their faces is priceless. Nowadays, when one has to fill up application forms on the computer, the fields for ‘mobile phone number’ is often a mandatory requirement, and if one leaves the field blank it does not allow one to progress to the next page of the application. I have been getting over this problem when asked for my mobile number by putting in enough zeroes to make up the requisite number of digits – but I suspect that soon this ploy will not work, and I will have to put in a genuine mobile phone number or risk being unable to complete these online applications.

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One comment on “Embracing Change

  1. Hermann
    March 13, 2013

    I am so happy that you have adapted to my coment ,you got to have a mobile phone and you will see soon you will say i dont know howe i ever did without one

    your friend Hermann


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