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My New Book: Men’s Health Matters

mens health matters

My new book ‘Men’s Health Matters’ is being published on Amazon as a Kindle e-book this month.

Containing  many of the articles about Men’s Health that I have written over the years for various publications – such as Sri Lanka’s Sunday Island and Sunday Times, Melbourne’s The Age and India’s The Hindu newspapers, magazines like Lanka Monthly Digest, The Rotarian and  Australian Doctor – as well as the Canadian website Suite, the book provides what I believe is a useful source of health information.

Primarily intended as a source of health information for men (and also for the women who have to live with these men (!), the book seeks to demystify Men’s Health without distorting the message. It is well known that men are notoriously reluctant to seek help from health professionals when they get sick – and their average life span is about five years less than that of women.

Men’s Health Matters explains important medical matters without using jargon – in simple language that the intelligent non-medical person can easily understand.

I have divided the book into two sections

a. matters of general health which are common to both men and women – but where men as a group are either ignorant of the significance of their symptoms, or prefer to maintain a typically male stiff upper lip and are reluctant to consult their doctors when they experience these symptoms.

b. matters of male sexual health (what one might term the male equivalent of Gynaecology) which is essentially about problems of the male sexual organs such as the testicular cancer, prostate disease, erection problems etc

The book is available on as a Kindle e-book. If you don’t have a Kindle reader, you can download the free Kindle app from amazon  to read the book on a personal computer or an iPad.

Priced at US $ 4.99, I hope that Men’s Health Matters will prove to be a useful read.



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