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Love, War and Cricket – the story of Tony Greig

Image  I have  just finished reading a most enjoyable book entitled LOVE, WAR AND CRICKET.

Written by his son Mark Greig and his mother Joyce Greig, it is the life story of cricketer Tony Greig – a man who was born and raised in South Africa, played cricket for (and captained) England, gave up the captaincy to join Kerry Packer and play World Seies Cricket, and then moved to Australia and made Sydney his home. Most the the cricket loving Sri Lankan public, he was a prominent cricket commentator and became one of Sri Lanka’s most ardent supporters.

Tony Greig was a man who was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in. His decision to get on board with World Series Cricket at a time when international cricketers earned only paltry sums for their efforts resulted in players receiving substantially more money for playing at both Test and first class levels. he is owed a debt of gratitude by every young professional in the game today.

He was also a man who went out of his way to help folk less fortunate than himself. Perhaps his philosophy is best encapsulated in this quote from the book: “His attitude has always been that many, many people have done things for him over the years which he hasn’t been able to reciprocate directly – but when he helps others he feels he is indirectly thanking those who have helped him”

He was a great supporter of Sri Lanka – and it would be true to say that he “believed in Sri Lanka even before Sri Lankans believed in themselves”.
This book by his mother Joyce and son Mark gives an insightful account of Tony – and provides a warm, moving tribute to someone who helped change the game of cricket forever.
It is the story of a man who was literally and metaphorically larger than life, who left the game of cricket – and the world – a better place than he found it.
I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Love, War and Cricket’ – and recommend it to all those who love and appreciate cricket



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