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Tales from My Island – my new eBook

2014_bookbabyCoverOn December 8th 2008 my book FRIENDS was launched – published by Vijitha Yapa Publications as a paperback.

FRIENDS was a collection of essays – vignettes if you like – of life as it was in Sri Lanka, my island home during the latter half of the last century. It contained heartwarming tales from those good old days (when perhaps we were not so good and not so old!) when we were growing up – an era when all of us had time to laugh and there was so much for us to laugh about.

The book sold out – and in planning a second edition I felt it would be best issued as an eBook with a completely new title.

TALES FROM MY ISLAND is the result – and from December 8th 2014 the eBook (which is being published by will be available through various online booksellers – Angus & Robertson, iBookstore, Bookworld,, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Kobo, Sainsbury’s etc etc. It will also be featured on

TALES FROM MY ISLAND contains over sixty stories, each a few pages long so you can savour them in stages.You will enjoy The Republic of Amnesia about Uncle Tarzan and his fear of cholera vaccinations, as well as The Illusion of Permanence about the soldier who became a Buddhist monk. You will chuckle – or even laugh out loud – reading about Gordie and the Pope. You will certainly be amused by the tale of how two little schoolboys (actually the author and his pal Tiny) tried to use a horseshoe to kill their math teacher – and sympathise (or empathise) with Randy who had “One Drink too Many”. 

Even if I do say so myself, TALES FROM MY ISLAND is a delightful anthology.

Don’t just take my word for it – go and have a look!



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Book: Tales From my Island