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FRIENDS – second edition now available

Enjoying Time with Friends……

The second paperback edition of my book FRIENDS is now available in paperback.

Published by Amazon, the book may be conveniently purchased online from the publishers ( in the US, in Great Britain, in Canada, in India etc.

In Australia, however, the publishers are prevented from selling this print edition to customers. They are only permitted to sell the Kindle e-book .

I have therefore obtained from Amazon in the US a consignment (as I, being the author, am permitted to do) of this paperback edition. I can now provide a copy to buyers anywhere within Australia.

Cost is just A$15.00 per copy (postage and padded bag will be approximately $12.20 extra).

If you would like a copy, let me know via email ( or Facebook Messenger and I will arrange to get your copy to you.

It will make an ideal Christmas present !



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