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Finding Clarity – the Journey of a Musician

I am placing a link to the recently released documentary FINDING CLARITY about the musical journey of my son – musician and actor Shivantha Wijesinha.

The video is 26 minutes long, and allows you to follow Shivantha on his Journey – from Law School at Monash University in Australia, to busking in the subways of New York City, to starring in an Oscar nominated movie and recording his latest album ‘Clarity’. You can listen to short excerpts to some of his songs such as Dance with Me, By The Window and Fallen into You.


One comment on “Finding Clarity – the Journey of a Musician

  1. Roger Thiedeman
    April 18, 2021

    Wow! What a superbly talented man is our ‘young’ Shivantha. I am envious of his virtuosity on guitar. Love to be able to play like that.

    A great video too. A professional production, rather than some fuzzy, jerky, randomly-edited thing shot by an amateur with a mobile phone!

    I wish Shivantha all the best as he continues on the journey he has chosen for himself. Here’s hoping he could get back to NYC – if that is still his wish – with the right doors opening for him both officially (green card) and in the music and acting fields.



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