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Urgent – a strategy to control COVID 19 in Sri Lanka

I am sharing this link on my webpage because I am of the opinion that this article should be disseminated to the widest audience possible.

It is a timely article written by two eminent Sri Lankans – Virologist Prof Malik Pieris and Epidemiologist Prof Kamini Mendis – about the urgent need to control the spread of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka, and it provides a practical, science-based strategy to achieve this.

Entitled ‘A science-based strategy to control the current Covid-19 situation in Sri Lanka it is well written and based on unrefutable reasoning.

The situation in Sri Lanka is rapidly spinning out of control. This article is essential reading by everyone concerned about this situation – and the country certainly would do well to heed their warning and implement their suggestions!


One comment on “Urgent – a strategy to control COVID 19 in Sri Lanka

  1. Varman
    May 21, 2021

    Every country gets COVID¬¬19 cases the leadership is prepared to have. Very good examples are, US, Brazil, UK and now India. The leadership should decide whether money or lives count.


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