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The Best Books about the Camino de Santiago

I was recently invited by the folk at to compile a list of the five best books about the Camino de Santiago.

Now I am aware that there are many many books written about the Camino – some better than others – and to be asked to recommend just FIVE from such a large list of books was a daunting task. After much contemplation and cogitation, I compiled my list using the simple criterion: What are the books that I myself, having walked the Camino from St Jean Pied de Port all the way to Santiago de Compostela and also written a book about my Camino, had enjoyed reading?

The pilgrim’s journey to the ancient Catholic shrine at Santiago de Compostela had fascinated me ever since I first read about it. For centuries, pilgrims had made this arduous journey, the majority of them on foot, along a trail in northern Spain that stretched for over five hundred miles. Many had written of the transformation they underwent as a result of making this journey.

Even though I am not a Catholic, I decided to undertake the journey myself in 2011 in the company of my son – and then decided to write about what I had experienced and learned as a result of my journey. Having written my book I became interested in learning what others who had done this journey had to say about the Camino. What was their experience, what perspective did they offer, were they also changed (as I was) by undertaking this “pilgrimage”? Consequently, I have ‘read, marked and inwardly digested’ many books written about the Camino by those who have made this journey.

So here it is – Click on this link: The Five Best Books about the Camino de Santiago to read about the books I selected.

Admittedly, I am sure there are other Camino books that others may like better than those I have selected. As I said, it is a personal choice.

Please have a look – and if you are willing to trust my recommendations, check these books out!

Buen Camino!


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