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‘Not Our War’ Launched as Paperback

coverNot Our War Launched as Paperback

This is the cover of my new book which is being launched as a paperback on December 12th 2013 by Vijitha Yapa Publications in Colombo. The book will be available from bookshops in Sri Lanka and also online from Vijitha Yapa Publications and

Excerpt from book review of the e-Book:
“A wonderfully collected group of short stories – a must for every Sri Lankan and anyone who has been affected by, and has had to deal with the horrors of war. Wijesinha deals with several themes ranging from the futility of war, to love, and shares with us the wonderful rapport that exists between him and his patients. He draws on his years of experience of not only being a soldier and a surgeon, but more importantly, a human being, while taking you on a journey through the hills and countrysides of Diyatalawa and Jaffna in Sri Lanka, to the four-seasons-in-one day city of Melbourne, Australia. We are shown a world through the eyes of a person who happens to be Sri Lankan, introduced to his country’s culture, its people, and then shown how we are really all the same, irrelevant as to class, race, creed, religion or which part of the world we come from.
I was genuinely touched, and recommend it highly.’


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