Sanjiva Wijesinha -writer and physician

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My Articles on Health and Medical Topics

The following sites will give you access to the books and articles that I have written on medical and health topics over the past few years.


1.  Health for Busy people published by Vijitha Yapa, Colombo

2. Live Happily Ever After published by Popular Prakashan, Mumbai.

Articles on Health Topics

1.  Laughing off the Heart Attack Risk in The Melbourne Age

2. Male Sexual Health Matters in Medical Observer

Articles on Work-Life Balance

1. Enjoyable Busy days

2. The Rule of Threes

Articles in Academic Journals

1. Male reproductive System: An Overview of Common Problems in Australian Family Physician Volume 42, No.5, May 2013 Pages 276-278

2. Testicular Cancer in

3. Urinary tract infection: are we getting it right? in Australian Family Physician Volume 30, No.4, April 2001 No 4 Pages 343-5


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